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The Building Innovation work stream of the Business Growth Agenda aims to grow New Zealand’s economy by encouraging and enabling investment in research and development, and lifting the value of public investments in science and research.

In August the Government released a new report ‘Building Innovation’ that lays out the challenge of building on and making the most of New Zealand’s innovation strengths and opportunities. It aims to promote greater investment in research and development and better commercialisation of smart ideas, among others. The report is the second in a series of six reports on the Government’s Business Growth Agenda and can be viewed here

Building Innovation progress report

The Building Innovation progress report describes the importance of innovation in growing New Zealand’s economy and outlines the seven key areas where the government is working to achieve this. The report also provides case studies of innovation driving success among New Zealand businesses and sets out a range of measures to track the governments’ progress on the Building Innovation work-stream of the Business Growth Agenda.

Read the Ministers’ press release announcing the Building Innovation progress report

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