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US crowdfunding platform Kickstarter – which has helped raise more than $US800 million for creative projects – will be opening its doors to Kiwis in just over four weeks.

Kickstarter broke the news today via its online blog, naming November 13 as the start date.

The company said New Zealanders could start building their projects now and would be able to launch those projects on Wednesday, November 13.

If you are interested in launching a new product on kickstarter then get in touch, we know what is involved and can help you put a successful campaign together.

Crowdfunding is a modern alternative to traditional funding avenues such as bank loans. It enables people to raise money through pledges from a large number of people, usually through a web-based campaign. Until now, Kickstarter has only been open to US, UK and Canadian citizens.

Since it was founded in 2009, the company has helped about five million people to pledge $826 million, funding 50,000 creative projects.

A workshop for New Zealand-based creators looking to use Kickstarter will be held on November 5, in Auckland.

Oliver McDermott

Co-founder and Managing Director of Blender Design. He lives and breathes innovation and is passionate about using design to create products that make the world a better place.

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