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Idealog article featuring the Sealegs System 100.

Blender Design has teamed up with another Kiwi outfit, Sealegs, for a new Amphibious Enablement System (AES) that allows boats to operate on land as well as in the water.

Blender was responsible for the visual design, as well as the functionality of elements like the decking layout, dashboard, cockpit, cabin, seating, flooring, and accessories. Some of those specific elements include the Hydraulic Folding Radar Arch – which holds all the electronic communications equipment and lights on the vessel – along with the Hydraulic Retractable Boarding Ladder, which can come out with the push of a single button.

Sealegs is a first class example of the potential of kiwi innovation.

Source: IdeaLog

Oliver McDermott

Co-founder and Managing Director of Blender Design. He lives and breathes innovation and is passionate about using design to create products that make the world a better place.