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The scene was set, costumes were donned, the rules read out and the players were ready to go. Blenders BlackBat table tennis season has begun.


Ollie ‘Fancy Footwork’ McDermott was setting the pace early on with speed and spin shots that were hard to return. Ben ‘The Basher’ Thomsen lived up to his name with some powerful returns. Husband and wife team Ryan ‘Renegade’ and Janetta ‘Pong Ninja’ Hayden were also providing great entertainment and of course support to each other. Katy ‘Killer Shot’ McDermott played tough and represented the girls well. The youngest of the squad, Evan ‘Big Aces’ Thomas, put a lot of effort into a great costume, and delivered on sneaky shots that saw him advance through a few stages. Marcus ‘King Pong’ Patterson was nimble on his feet, however took an early exit but was a valuable vocal spectator. Late arrival Chris ‘Let’s Bounce’ Ott made his entrance and presence known as soon as he arrived. 

Semi’s and Final

After a quick dinner break we were down to the semi’s which saw Ryan and Chris meet in the final. Entertainment value was at an all-time high with some incredible shots being delivered. Liz had her work cut out for her (and possibly a sore neck) after refereeing the fast paced 14 games that had been played so far. Everyone was in place for the final. It was a fast game. Winner shots were being delivered at pace and sweat was pouring off the two finalists. In a nail biter finish, it went to a tie breaker. The tension was high, with the final point being taken out by the new arrival Chris.

“I can hardly see those spin serves”

– Renegade

Although disappointment reigned over Ryan, Chris was ecstatic! Taking home the trophy, we all had to say goodbye to it from the office. Check out the winning rally in the video below. Until next time…….

Evan Thomas

Industrial designer at Blender Design. A curious and adventurous individual, driven by making cool ideas a reality.