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Goodbye winter and helloooo spring!

August has been excellent to us at Blender.
We kicked off the month finding out that our Fastmount Textile Clip System was selected as one of New Zealand’s Best Product Design finalist by Best Awards! We’re proud of the collaboration between Fastmount and our Blender team  – bring on the award night!

Read more about our award winning design

See our award entry images

We’ve had a couple of new additions to the Blender family.

Introducing Ange Housley and Prisca Lorenza!

Ange keeps the whole team moving and is our new Accounts and Office superstar! She has worked in multiple locations around the world but is now raising her family (three little girls!) in the vibrant city of Auckland.

Prisca has recently joined to do Marketing & Public Relations for us at Blender. Prisca loves to transform a vision to life and is passionate about changing the world. She enjoys challenging hikes in the outdoors and thrilling trips to the fridge.

We are very excited to see what we can continue to create together as a team!

HWTrek interviews Ollie

This month, Blender Design was chosen by HWTrek as a featured expert in product design consultancy. Ollie then asked to share his expert knowledge and advice in a full interview about the hardware scene in New Zealand and new product design process.

HWTrek's Featured Expert

Full Interview Here

Joltrider testing continues

Ben and Marcus managed to head out onto the water on a cold wet winter’s day this month. These two went out to test a new prototype for our shock mitigating boat seat. We’ll keep you updated with the progress of Jolt Rider as we near production.

Check Out the Jolt Rider

Now bring on those warm/frosty/hot/cold/ spring days!

Prisca Lorenza

Marketing and Public Relations at Blender Design. A fresh thinker, passionate about changing the world.