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This year Blender entered the Plastics NZ Industry Design Awards for the first time and took home two awards! Blender was awarded silver in the Process Award for Rotational Moulding and bronze for the Product Design Award in Consumer Products. Both awards were for the Genus Lifestyle Spa Cover that we designed and developed with ARMoulding!

The Industry Design Awards culminated in a gala evening and dinner at the Ellerslie Events Centre on Friday 23 September. A fun night mingling with designers, manufacturers, material suppliers and overall a great bunch of people who love all things plastic. We were seated at a table with our clients and spent the night chatting away about how we got here and the journey we’ve had with our products. It’s always refreshing to have a night where everyone comes together to celebrate success and innovation.

Blender and the guys at ARMoulding worked together to bring the Genus Lifestyle Spa Cover to life. A combination of ARMoulding’s rotational moulding expertise and Blender’s team of creative problem solvers transformed the idea into an innovative product. Working together meant finding a solution in less time with greater results. The teamwork between ARMoulding and Blender shows that collaboration is the key to success.

Working together with experts like ARMoulding was a rewarding process. The teamwork and close collaboration helped transform an idea into an award-winning product! I’m definitely looking forward to next challenge with the ARMoulding team.

– Ben Thomsen, Director of Blender Design Ltd

What is the NZ Plastics Industry Design Awards?

The Plastics NZ Industry Design Awards is a biennial event which showcases the expertise and innovation of individual companies. The Awards highlight the world-class capabilities of the New Zealand Plastics Industry. Big congratulations to Methven who took out this year’s Supreme Award for their Aurajet Halo shower system – we were up against some stiff competition!

Blender creating successful products ten years

From idea to award winning product…

It all started when Dallas saw the need to create something better: better performing and better looking too. So that’s how the Genus Lifestyle Spa Pool cover came to life. A big congratulation and thank you to everyone who was involved. We really do believe that collaboration is key. When experts come together, great things happen!

It’s great to showcase rotational moulding as a process that isn’t only useful for making big ugly water tanks! With the right blend of design, engineering, and materials some really cool stuff can be achieved with Rota Moulding. It’s great to be innovating and working with some of the best in the business.

– Oliver McDermott, Managing Director of Blender Design Ltd

Prisca Lorenza

Marketing and Public Relations at Blender Design. A fresh thinker, passionate about changing the world.