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Last week was the first Hardware Meetup AKL event in 2017! The theme was ‘The Hidden Genius’. It’s all about innovative Kiwi companies who are building products and helping each other’s products work better/smarter/harder.

Hardware Meetup AKL was started last year, by Elyse Wyatt. Elyse saw the amount of potential and talent here in New Zealand in the hardware space. Right now there are many cool things happening in the physical product space in our country but not enough people knowing. This meetup was created so that talented and creative individuals can come together and meet. That’s exactly what happened last week. A successful event where everyone shared a common vision to see Kiwis grow and thrive in the hardware space.

Blender has fortunately partnered with two out of the three speakers at the event (here, and here). We know first hand that they are experts in their field, with knowledge worth sharing.

A quick rundown of the speakers and their message:

Ben Bodley is CEO of Teknique. company whose imaging solutions are behind many of the world’s largest consumer brands. Ben spoke about many topics including doing the impossible in his business. He covered intelligent technologies and the difference between a smart device and a connected device. Ben also talked about some issues he’s encountered in the hardware industry.

James Obern is from Avertana, a very stealthy company. Avertana converts low-value industrial waste streams into raw materials for manufacturing, using innovative chemistry, advanced materials, and process design. This Auckland-based company is working to create value for a range of industries. Their new approach creates lower environmental impact than existing methods.

Todd Gisby from StretchSense also shared his experiences and knowledge. StretchSense is a global leader in the supply of smart stretch sensors for the rapidly emerging wearable technology market. Their products are making large enhancements in fields like biotechnology, augmented reality, robotics, and autonomous vehicles. Todd highlighted that “You can’t do everything yourself” –  we 100% agree with this comment because collaboration is the key to success!

Blender is a proud series sponsor of the Hardware Meetup AKL events. The next meetup is in May – the theme is MarineTech. Keep an eye out for the first ticket release coming soon!

There is now both a LinkedIn group and a Facebook group to help New Zealand’s hardware ecosystem stay connected. You can use these platforms to ask questions, post events, and connect with others. Join one, or both, and let’s continue the conversation together!

Prisca Lorenza

Marketing and Public Relations at Blender Design. A fresh thinker, passionate about changing the world.