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A warm welcome to our new Senior Product Development Engineer, Greg!

Greg has a background in medical product design and came across self-adjustable glasses while travelling on a working holiday in the UK. Alongside three others, he co-founded Eyejusters – a glasses company that offers cutting edge DIY technology in vision correction.

Since 2012, Greg has been splitting his time between New Zealand and the UK. However, right now, he is happy to be based in New Zealand to spend more time with his family. Thanks to Lego for sparking Greg’s interest early in life, Blender has added another expert engineer to the team. Greg feels rewarded seeing people use the products that he puts his hard work and effort into. His problem-solving skills and ability to think both laterally and logically make him a perfect fit in the Blender team.

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Prisca Lorenza

Marketing and Public Relations at Blender Design. A fresh thinker, passionate about changing the world.