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Our new Senior Industrial Designer

Peter Dreyer, is in the spotlight! As well as the general design tasks, Peter will also be overseeing our projects by using his 20+ years of experience in the world of product design and development. Before making the big move to New Zealand, he was leading a team of 9 brilliant individuals in South Africa. Through his leadership and remarkable attention to detail, Peter has repeatedly ensured the delivery of many design projects.

Peter believes that Industrial Design is the glue that keeps projects together. He loves seeing through projects from good ideas to great products. Peter is a talented and all round Industrial Designer but particularly enjoys generating new ideas and solving problems. We can already see that Peter is especially good at critical design thinking at early stages and understanding both the needs of a client and their end user. Although a bit of a workaholic, when he’s not working, Peter is submerged in his many hobbies. They include RC toys and his passion for music. We’re happy to have Peter join the Blender family! It’s equally nice to hear from him directly that Blender already feels like home.

About Our Team

Prisca Lorenza

Marketing and Public Relations at Blender Design. A fresh thinker, passionate about changing the world.