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CES 2018 officially wrapped after dazzling the world with a glimpse into the future. We’ve been keeping a close eye on what’s been happening at one of the biggest tech trade shows in the world!

Around 3,900 exhibitors showcased their world-changing technologies that took up more than 2.75 million net square feet of exhibit space across Las Vegas. Making it the largest show floor in CES’ 51-year history.

“There were 860,732 tweets about CES 2018 and 450,554 uses of the #CES2018 hashtag.
From major international brands to the more than 900 startups participating in Eureka Park, CES 2018 truly reflected the vibrant global tech industry.”

So what happened at this year’s CES?
Well, we’ve collected some great links for you to check out:

4 Trends Designers Should Actually Care About From CES

“The future is coming for us. Fast. CES didn’t just drive that point home—they drove it, crashed it and exploded it in your face for an entire week.” – Core77

The Best of CES 2018 finalists

“Our editors have been on the ground for the better part of this week scouring every nook and cranny in Las Vegas to bring you the latest and greatest from CES 2018.” – engadget

Top 18 Tech Trends At CES 2018

“CES, as you know, is no joke when it comes to tech. The convention gave us a snapshot of what enterprise tech you should be thinking about, budgeting for, or already integrating in 2018.” – Forbes

The 9 Absolute Weirdest Gadgets We Saw at CES This Year

“From smart pet toys to extravagant robots that can fold your laundry, CES 2018 was certainly home to some of the wildest gadgets you can imagine.” – TIME

10 of the Coolest Gadgets We Saw at CES 2018

“This year was all about improving communication between smart home gadgets, making the car feel more personal, and putting screens everywhere imaginable. Here’s a look at some of the coolest products we came across on the CES showroom floor.” – TIME

The Best of CES 2018 According to Quartz

“Below is a list of which companies we believe won CES, which tried the hardest, and which embodied the spirit of the world’s largest consumer electronics show.” qz

Netflix hid a fake biotech booth in the middle of CES

“The aforementioned staff clutched tablets to take email addresses, with promises of more information come February 2nd. Plenty took the bait, genuinely curious to know where this company was based and whether this was all even possible.”  The coolest way to launch a show. Ever.

Thinking of heading to CES 2019?

Product design master Ben Einstein put together his best tips on “How to Hack CES”. Seriously worth reading.

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