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A wonderful welcome to our new Visual Communications Designer, Hazel Davies! Covering all range of Graphic Design tasks, Hazel’s responsibilities at Blender include making the visual side of our product design projects look amazing, she is our expert translator between product and user. Hazel’s love for design came from her creative upbringing and and her disposition which is a winning mix of artistic and practical. After many years of travelling abroad and designing along the way, she’s come home to New Zealand and has joined the Blender team. She enjoys seeing projects through from start to finish and loves challenge and variety in her work. Luckily for us, Hazel believes that all types of designs and creative output feed off one another and she wanted to get involved in all the awesome projects we get up to. We are excited to have Hazel’s design talent, positive energy and sweet playlists around the Blender office!

About Our Team

Prisca Lorenza

Marketing and Public Relations at Blender Design. A fresh thinker, passionate about changing the world.