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We reckon being at work should be fun, which is why we’re pretty focused on building an awesome culture. So how do we do that?

Through living our values, working as a team on first-rate projects, spending time together socially, and enjoying the odd drink or two after work in our beer garden.

Our Values

Our Values

Our values are more than just words plucked from a hat. They’re things that get us excited; things that are special to us – that’s why we put them at the core of our business.


Who doesn’t want to make a difference? We incubate our clients’ ideas and help them grow, not only creating products that achieve their business outcomes but also have an impact on people’s lives.


Everyone has a role to play and something to contribute – our Blender family is tight knit, leaving egos at the door, everyone is approachable, with no wrong answers. This also helps build long-lasting partnerships and grow our networks, it’s how we achieve awesome things.


Life is too short to be anything but happy. We are professionals, but we also have fun, after-all we love what we do – this means positive attitudes, awesome ideas, quality service, and happy clients to boot.


We are tinkerers, makers, and  doers. We get amped up by solving problems in clever ways using the things around us – something us Kiwis are famous for! We think outside the box, developing innovative ideas that help our clients become pioneers in their industries.


With us, what you see is what you get. We tell it like it is, which means our clients know exactly what’s going on with their project, and can trust that they’re in safe hands. We’re all about clear communication, honesty, integrity and a no fuss open approach to doing design and business.


It is important to think outside the box but not forget the confines of reality.  We tackle difficult design problems by embracing constraints from the beginning rather than ignoring them. This allows us to deliver bold solutions in harmony with practical constraints. We also balance hard work with play, form with function, cost with benefit and so on.

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