Building on varied specialist backgrounds we are able to consult and advise no matter where you sit on the product development timeline.

Over the years we have helped numerous startups develop roadmaps in order to maximise efficiency, audit products to lower their unit cost, and held countless seminars / workshops to educate and refine product concepts.

Our Design & Innovation Consulting service is perfect for those who have established design and manufacturing processes and require specialist advice relating to their product or practice or are starting out and need some guidance.

Need advice? The Blender team knows hardware development

By working with Blender, product owners can minimise disruption to their in-house product development team and operations, yet gather specialist impartial advice and insight based on years of experience. Whether that is to increase efficiency, plan a new venture, taking your manufacturing offshore, or integrating new technology, we are in the best position to consult specific to your development needs.

How does it work?

The format and structure is tailored specific to the intent of the client or seminar topic. Businesses and event organisers are encouraged to contact us using the form below to discuss further.

  • Sustainability review
  • Product development workshops
  • Group seminars
  • Bill of Material audits
  • Manufacturing and assembly audits
  • OEM quality reports
  • Moving manufacturing offshore
  • Factory selection in China
  • Sourcing OEM components
  • Product development roadmaps
  • Structuring your hardware startup

Our Design & Innovation Consulting service will suit you if:

  • You are a startup looking for hardware development advice
  • You are a business with an existing product which needs auditing to increase efficiency
  • You are a business which is looking to expand into hardware development
  • You are a hardware business and interested in exploring more sustainable options
  • You are an event organiser and looking for keynote speakers or seminar workshops

Projects which use this service:

Stratlock Panel Clips

Adjustable Panel Alignment for Perfect Spacing

Linetec Charge Series

Modular high output architectural lighting

Contour Plus Shower Wall

Building upon the existing brand values

Heavy Duty Textile Clip

Holds Fast, Releases Quick

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