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Our industrial design service aims to explore how set requirements for a product can be converted into concepts for review with the client, key stakeholders, and user groups. This is where a lot of the critical design thinking will take place that will drive the entire design path. Using sketching, CAD and physical prototypes as tools to explore and tune ideas, our team is able to communicate concepts and translate them into a final vision ready for validation, funding pitches, or further engineering development.

We like to work in the real world, therefore if required we work closely with key solution partners such as Electrical Engineers, OEM suppliers, and Technology partners in order to define mechanical and electrical components. Combining specialist knowledge from various areas is where the magic really happens!

By working with Blender, our clients are working closely with one of New Zealand’s best Industrial design studios.

We have a highly skilled team of award winning designers from various backgrounds who excel at  conceptualising ideas and bring them to reality. The Blender team is able to rapidly turnover and test ideas by having access to our large workshop and 3D printing machines. This results in quicker development cycles and minimal lead times between ideas for our clients.

Concept Creation:
  • Sketching and ideation
  • Block CAD
  • Material swatches
  • Photo-realistic rendering
  • Concept animations
  • Component assembly drawings
Mock Ups:
  • Foam models
  • Spatial mock-ups
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • 3D printing
  • Interaction with all solution partners
  • OEM component sourcing

Our Industrial Design services will suit you if:

  • Your product idea needs to be conceptualised prior to engineering development
  • You have pre-defined electrical and/or mechanical components which require housing
  • You require external assistance to complement your in-house development team, without the costly commitment of hiring new permanent staff

Projects which use this service:


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