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Our clients transition into manufacturing with confidence knowing they have the support for any hiccups along the way. Blender has been involved in countless manufacturing projects and we know how to communicate clearly with both local and international manufacturers.

Product owners can feel confident that they are not left in the dark when it comes to manufacturing

Blender is in constant communication with manufacturers to discuss lead times, design updates, and manufacturing details – this isn’t our first rodeo. Leveraging our knowledge and technical abilities, product owners are in a strong, well informed position to handle manufacturing hurdles.

How does it work?

Our Manufacturing Support service is open to all existing clients which have trusted us to become part of their product development team, and to new clients who have specific manufacturing support requirements. We recognise each and every challenge is unique, therefore we welcome product owners to contact us directly to discuss how we may help.

Our Manufacturing Support services will suit you if:

  • You have a product in production and it requires design changes
  • You need assistance to transition to a new manufacturer
  • You require changes to your production drawings
  • Your manufacturer has sent you files which you are unable to process
  • You need to communicate the assembly of your product to your manufacturing partners

Projects which use this service:

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