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Our packaging design service ensures your product is protected and displayed in an effective manner and ready for market. The service combines both 3D and graphic design elements to create a positive user experience when they first interact with your product.

Good design is sustainable design, and packaging is an area where product owners add unique value and make an immediate and tangible connection with sustainable practices.

We have a proven track record with award winning packaging designs. Each one carefully created alongside our solution partners to ensure competitive pricing and delivering quality results.

We have your product covered.

By working with Blender, product owners not only leverage an award winning eye for detail, but the knowledge and experience Blender has in creating packaging through sustainable principles, for a world that is becoming more and more conscious of the impact packaging has.

The Blender skillset across 3D and 2D mediums quickly brings to life an exciting array of packaging options for your product. Through our network of solution partners we are able to provide packaging concepts for the trickiest products and the most discerning of taste.

How does it work?

Blender’s packaging service is offered to either existing product ranges or new product development (NPD) projects. Our designers will sit down with you and clearly define your packaging requirements, sales channels and marketing strategy prior to any development work.

Once defined, concepts are produced, prototyped and refined through a series of interim reviews. Along the way, we engage the most appropriate solution partners and the fully developed concept turns into a reality with the final outcome being packaged products, ready for fulfillment.

Our Packaging design services will suit you if:

  • You want your product detail and brand values to carry through into your packaging
  • You need to refresh your existing range of packaging
  • You need to address issues concerning the sustainability of your packaging
  • Your product requires unconventional packaging solutions
  • Your product shipping requirements need to be optimised

Projects which use this service:

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