What’s worse than having to take an extremely uncomfortable picture for your passport? Having to do it twice. Australia Post needed to find a solution for mounting cameras in their stores nationwide. The new solution has to be able to fit a particular design of desks that Australia Post had in their stores already. The mount would also have to be able to accommodate for Australia Post’s existing digital cameras. This new mount would allow staff and customers to take photographs for things like passports and face recognition much more efficiently. A big challenge of this product is around cable management. It was important that we carried out in-depth research on existing camera mounts and ergonomics. We wanted to create a product that eliminates shaky hands completely and be user-friendly for both staff and customer. The camera mount would have to be easily adjusted to necessary heights, both manual and electric options, rotate to the side and tilt to an angle of 45 degrees.

Australia Post also made us aware that initial quantities are small and so the design must consider suitable low volume processes and use their existing digital camera and OEM parts. Not only did we have to consider function, value and aesthetics for both the manufacturers and users but we also had to do several noise testings to reduce how much noise the camera mount would make with the electric solution. The finished product is a sleek camera mount that eliminated shaky hands completely! This camera mount makes taking important photographs easy – helping both the staff and customers at Australia Post. This camera mount is easily adjustable, rotated and tilted to allow the perfect shot every time. It also fits the particular design of desks that Australia post had in stores already. This new system also allows for smart cable management! The new Australia Post camera mount is a professionally designed camera mount that is created with both functionality and usability in mind.


Australia Post Camera Mount



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