Crystal clear sound at your fingertips.


Revolutionising the audio capture industry, Dotterel Technologies’ Konos microphone system shatters limitations, capturing crystal clear sound in the noisiest environments. Dotterel approached Blender to assist in delivering their world-class directional microphone array at scale.


  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Manufacturing Support


Remove the limits of sound capture.

Capturing clear sound in noisy environments is difficult. Sound engineers commonly possess a multitude of microphones catered toward specific requirements. Dotterel Technologies, a New Zealand-based pioneer in sound technology, sought to challenge this. Their vision was to provide a world-first in adjustable directivity sound capture. Put simply, they wanted to make a single device that efficiently captures targeted audio from any direction with the flick of a switch and eliminates the need for any other microphone. 


A streamlined development program from proof of concept to manufacturing.

Dotterel first approached Blender with a proof of concept and electromechanical assembly. From there, Blender’s task was to transform that into a market-ready product. The project explored how the configuration of the device could seamlessly work for sound engineers and the varying contexts they work within. Parallel to that, ensuring the design was suitable for scalable batch production methods and in-house assembly. Concepts quickly became refined towards an extrusion-based control box and microphone which not only gave the components a simple and sleek aesthetic but provided a feasible manufacturing method. Prior to investing in tooling, an initial prototype round was completed using off-the-shelf alternatives to validate the design. Once testing was complete, the team shifted up a gear and refined the design around custom extrusions and mating parts. Optimisation was crucial, Blender and Dotterel worked closely throughout the development to ensure assembly was as simple as possible and mitigated foreseeable issues down the line. Blender was able to assist Dotterel into batch manufacturing by utilising our trusted network of suppliers and procurement service for select components.

Upon completion of the design, Blender’s engagement shifted to a production support role. Providing drawings, manufacturing files and content to Dotterel to ensure a seamless transition to their in-house team while providing them the backing of our team’s knowledge as they required it.

Blender was also able to design the packaging for Konos. The 100% cardboard packaging solution was adopted to eliminate foam usage typically used for electronics and provides sustainable protection for the product. By minimising printed areas, the packaging preserves more material value during recycling, offering an environmentally conscious solution.


The new industry standard in sound capture.

Konos is the new industry standard in sound capture. It is a compact 80-element high-fidelity microphone array with world-first adjustable directivity, rear channel, and real-time noise filtering.

Innovation in audio capture has not kept pace with significant advancements made in visual sensor technology but Konos is the first breakthrough in decades introducing array microphone technology into this space. Unique to Konos, Variable Cone Technology offers users the ability to adjust directivity and switch between extremely narrow or wide pickup angles. With the flick of a switch, this single device efficiently captures targeted audio from any direction. Eliminating the need for multiple microphones, simplifying setups and reducing costs.

The design of Konos centres around two key components: the versatile microphone and the control box which seamlessly connect to third-party recording devices. The lightweight design enhances usability and convenience, reducing weight on booms or mounts. The control box serves as the central processing unit, featuring upward-facing controls and connectors for effortless configuration in studios or in a hip bag for fieldwork.

Konos’ versatility and exceptional performance have quickly propelled it to become the preferred choice for sound capture worldwide. It heralds a new era of capturing and communicating sound. Konos can be mounted onto emergency vehicles and within factories to improve safety, workflow and communication, unlocking possibilities in industries from entertainment to public safety and industrial manufacturing.

Partnering with Blender, Dotterel was able to adopt a product development approach suitable for their business and quickly move from a proof-of-concept prototype to a market-ready product. Konos has since made waves across the globe at tradeshows and within the industry. It is rewriting the rules of sound capture, unlocking new possibilities for the world to hear.