Elevating Waste Management in Modern Kitchens.


Say goodbye to unsightly bins and embrace a cleaner, more efficient kitchen with the Ubstor EasyFit Bin System. Award-winning waste bins for modern kitchens with a customisable design, seamless installation, and a clean aesthetic. 


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In today’s modern kitchens, every detail is meticulously planned out to the nth degree in the pursuit of visual clarity, however waste disposal is often an afterthought. People will resort to unsightly standalone bins, hanging bags, or unfit for purpose cupboard solutions which ultimately compromise the functionality and appearance of their kitchen. Metrube, a long standing client of Blender, identified this problem and set out to create a solution.


The Ubstor (derived from Under Bench Storage) EasyFit Bin system is a customisable waste management solution designed specifically for quick and simple installation by the homeowner. The ethos behind the system aims to complement the appearance of the kitchen while also fitting easily into the chosen drawer system, without requiring complex integration or drastic forethought.


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Before creating the EasyFit Bin system, Metrube already had extensive market knowledge and an existing product range to boot. Blender was asked to create an under bench bin system that improves the convenience of waste management. The key challenge to overcome was that the system needed to be  flexible across a multitude of cabinet sizes and drawer depths.


Through an intensive concept generation phase, Blender was able to quickly extrapolate design intent into 3D and provide a few suitable options to develop. The resulting bins fit compactly alongside one another while the holding tray is trimmed with a standard craft knife  to suit any custom requirements of the drawer dimensions. Once the bins are placed inside the tray, there is free space at the front or rear of the tray to store accessories such as bin liners and cleaning tools. The bins can be easily removed for emptying and cleaning, while the tray’s smooth surfaces are easily wiped down for hygiene. The Western design influence fits in with modern kitchens, giving Metrube a unique visual language to push the Ubstor brand locally in China  and across the globe.


The smaller sized organic waste bin also includes an odour filter to eliminate bad smells for decomposing waste. The filter access is located on the underside of the lid, and can be replaced every 1-2 months or as needed. Labels are also supplied with the system so the user can colour code their bins to notate different waste categories.

Metrube has extensive manufacturing capabilities, and this new range of product was designed in a manner to optimise this further, keeping costs low while producing a high-quality result. The bin structure is injection moulded and the trays are vacuum-formed – this allows Metrube to produce the bins in high volumes with great attention to the detail and finish.  

Blender’s design process enabled Metrube to realise their vision and create a strong competitor in the market. The simple and straightforward installation complemented the sleek styling and modern design, enabling this bin system to enhance any kitchen, even when considered late in the process.