Performance and durability in style.


Genus LifeStyle recognized the need for a better spa pool cover, and Blender stepped up to the challenge. The result is an award-winning, durable, and aesthetically pleasing lid built to last.


Winner of Silver for Rotational Moulding and Bronze for Consumer Product Design at the New Zealand Plastics Industry Design Awards 2016.


  • Industrial Design
  • Design Research
  • Prototyping
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Manufacturing Support

Everyone loves a good hot spa on a cold winter night. What we don’t love are expensive spa pool lids that have to be replaced every few years. They’re made from polystyrene blocks covered in vinyl and tend to fall to bits after a few years in a bit of sunlight. Pretty shocking for something that people spend a lot of money on. Genus saw the need to create something better: better performing and better looking too.

Blender is always ready for a challenge so we got straight into it! Every aspect of this product has to be durable and non-corrosive and it has to withstand harsh elements and chemicals. The lid also has be be designed to fit most popular spa brands and sizes. We needed to create a product that is longer lasting, more efficient in keeping heat in, easy to carry, user friendly and is aesthetically pleasing.

This end result is an award winning spa lid made from Rotational Moulded and foam filled Polyethylene – this lid is built to last! Designed to fit the most popular spa brands and sizes, it clips into existing clips, is chemical and UV resistant and a good insulator – keeping valuable heat inside your spa!

We learned that in winter many people like to leave half the lid on, so we included drink holders and a place for a cheese platter. You’re welcome! We did a lot of user testing to come up with a design that was easy to handle. The moulded in handle allows one person to carry the cover and the detachable hinge means that the two halves can be easily separated to make it even lighter.

The product is designed to have a long life of up to 20 years compared to existing lids which lasts less than five. At the end of life, it can be returned to the manufacturer to be recycled responsibly. Not only is that cool but it’s also a sustainable product and environmentally friendly! You can now enjoy your cheese and wine knowing your spa pool lid is effective and long lasting!

The Plastics Industry Design Awards recognized the excellence of the Genus LifeStyle Spa Pool Cover. This product was awarded Silver in the Process Award for Rotational Molding & Bronze for the Product Design Award in Consumer Products.

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