Built tough for a smooth ride.


The Jolt Rider GEN5 is a shock-mitigating marine seat designed to provide a safer and more comfortable boating experience in harsh marine environments. Through meticulous engineering and a fresh approach to shock-absorbing systems, we improved the performance and functionality and reduced weight, complexity, and cost.


  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Manufacturing Support


Redefining Safety at Sea.

At the heart of Jolt Rider GEN5 lies the continued commitment to addressing the number one cause of injuries on marine vessels – repetitive impacts. Jolt Rider approached Blender to improve on the Jolt Rider GEN4 shock-mitigating marine seat. Leveraging knowledge and learnings from previous product generations, combined with a fresh engineering approach to the shock-absorbing system, the Jolt Rider GEN5 was born – a lighter, better performing shock-mitigating marine seat. 


Advancing shock mitigation through data-driven design.

The original Jolt Rider bolster seat already boasted some amazing features but there was room to improve the performance, usability and weight so Blender launched into the redesign armed with learnings and a fresh engineering approach to optimise it’s shock mitigation system.

The Jolt Rider’s optimisation relied on real-world impact data. Understanding how vessels interact with waves and the resulting forces, the new spring and damper configurations were meticulously simulated and tested with varying user weights and impact forces with a software-based prototyping system developed by the mechanical engineering team at Blender. Based on previously gathered data and physical prototype testing, this is what allowed us to rapidly test and iterate the shock performance for GEN5 to ensure it was developed to meet critical requirements including user weight range and maximum impacts. Using this rapid analysis approach to fine-tune the performance meant we no longer had to rely on lots of physical testing. Combined with FEA on various parts and assemblies, we were able to meet our goals of reducing weight, complexity, and cost.

By incorporating an internal and progressive multi-spring system, user-specific weight adjustments were eliminated, resulting in enhanced safety and reduced fatigue. The product weight was reduced by 20% by removing excess material and improving strength, while unnecessary complexities were eliminated. This minimised rejected parts and waste, therefore improving overall project sustainability.

Having been so close to the design process, Blender was able to provide continuous support to Jolt Rider in the assembly of small batches for distribution via our manufacturing service.


Pioneering a new era of marine seating excellence.

The Jolt Rider is a groundbreaking marine seat, engineered to revolutionise the boating experience by providing enhanced safety and comfort in harsh marine environments. Its innovative design mitigates wave impacts by up to 60% in moderate to heavy sea states, surpassing existing market solutions in performance, functionality, and affordability.

Crafted from premium materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, and engineered plastics, the Jolt Rider withstands the rigours of the marine environment while maintaining durability under high impact conditions. The customizable upholstery options and adaptable design, including foam bolster or multi-fit platform options, ensure seamless integration with third-party seats without compromising performance.

The Jolt Rider GEN5 prioritises safety and user-friendliness, seamlessly integrating into existing vessels with its streamlined appearance. Its space-saving pedestal design allows maximum movement around it, optimising space utilisation and accommodating more seats in the same area.

Embrace the future of marine seating with the Jolt Rider – a feature-rich, uncompromising product at an accessible cost. Experience the ultimate boating comfort and safety with this cutting-edge innovation.