Architectual hardware redefined.


Mardeco International enlisted Blender to design and prototype a range of exquisite cavity slider hardware. Blender’s expertise extended to creating manuals, videos, packaging, and displays, ensuring a seamless experience for Mardeco’s high standards.


  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Manufacturing Support

A leading supplier of designer architectural hardware, Mardeco International approached Blender to create a new range of cavity slider hardware. With a huge gap between the top end products and the cheap, often badly made flush pulls, Mardeco was keen to create a high-quality product without the enormous price tag.

The challenge came in designing a product that was not only versatile enough to deal with different types of doors, but that also set itself apart from the many other flush pulls on the market.

marcleco CAD design

We started with the preparation of a design brief with the client. The team brainstormed and sketched a range of fresh ideas, before developing the strongest ones for customer feedback. Once we \refined these ideas and the design direction was set, Blender used the latest 3D CAD tools to create an accurate virtual model of the product and further develop the finer technical and design details. Using 3D CAD software with a special modelling technique allowed changes to be made quickly and easily along the way. With the latest prototyping technology available, Blender was able to quickly build and test the product throughout the development process. They are leaders in the industry when it comes to speedy prototyping and testing.

For a seemingly simple product, the attention to detail had to be incredibly high. Once a final prototype was built and approved, Blender brought the overseas-based manufacturer to the table.

Blender worked closely with the manufacturer to make final design improvements, improving quality and reducing cost. This guaranteed the best possible product and helped reach Mardeco’s goal of creating a product that sat at an affordable price point.

Timeless yet modern, simple yet advanced, the new Mardeco m-series range of cavity slider hardware is unique in several ways. Not only can it be used on wooden and aluminium doors of different thicknesses, it also has interchangeable parts, meaning it can suit a number of different backsets.

Sleek and smooth, it feels like it was made for your hand, and the unique lock mechanism looks great and features a fantastic positive locking action. The m-series is exactly what customers have been looking for, as evidenced by the overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Blender also designed instruction manuals, installation videos, packaging and point of sale displays for the product.