Empower Your Pets with Controlled Home Access.


While designing a range of pet doors for Pet-corp, Blender had the opportunity to create a high-tech electronic sliding door, a ‘dog door for the future,’ predominantly for the US Market. Many American pet owners find it difficult to keep unwanted animal intruders out of the house, particularly racoons.


  • Industrial Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing Support


Turning the handle on pet door innovation.

Challenges we faced with the initial design were working with electronics, which was solved by our collaboration with Electronic Engineers, and making the product cost-effective, which we managed by using affordable materials, such as injection-moulded plastics, and reducing the number of parts. 

petcorp sliding pet door top


Opening the door to pet door solutions.

The process of the creating the PC12 electronic door was an incredibly collaborative experience. From the first design brief, we determined what criteria the door needed to meet, then explored different concepts, all while researching existing products and technologies. From there we developed concepts further, utilised 3D CAD modelling, and throughout the whole process, made prototypes for testing. Along the way, users and installers were regularly consulted to discover any possible problems with installation and use – it’s incredible how small changes here and there make an enormous difference!

Blender also liaised with manufacturers and worked on quality control to create the best product possible.


Stepping through the solution of pet door access.

The selective entry slide door is without a doubt the best looking sliding door on the market. It features a beautiful aluminium frame, with a sliding door that comes up from behind the frame. The door opens smoothly and quietly in front of the wall, allowing the door to fit into a smaller space and remain visually unobtrusive.

With only a two button interface, the door is simple and intuitive – after all, a technical wizard may be needed to create the product, but the average user shouldn’t have to be one! An innovative waterproof collar key allows access to only approved pets. We incorporated a range of sensors, as well as a built-in alarm that can also be connected to a house alarm. This results in a secure product, made to last.

The ability to maintain or replace the electronics components easily is built into the PC12. All of the electronic components are contained within a removable cartridge, a world first. This allows for easy maintenance without having to take out the entire door.