Stepping up the ladder for Sealegs RIB.


Blender partnered with Sealegs to design a boarding ladder for easy entry to their RIB from land and water. Through rigorous testing and 3D CAD work, the Swim Ladder emerged as a safe, strong, and user-friendly solution. Blender’s collaborative approach ensured efficient manufacturing, delivering a high-quality product for Sealegs’ customers.


  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Manufacturing Support

Sealegs approached Blender to design and develop a boarding ladder to create an easy entry option for the Sealegs RIB from both land and water. The design was required to work around the standard configuration of the boats and provide a safe, strong and easy to use solution.

The most efficient and practical solution to the problem would be to make test rigs and prototypes. This gave us a clear idea of what worked and more importantly what wasn’t. Combining these rigs with 3D CAD work a valid solution was quickly discovered. Continuing this testing process on land first and then the sea, the Swim Ladder was refined.


Featuring a quick release bungee latch, the ladder can be deployed from both inside and outside of the boat.

The 3 unfolding sections sit securely and neatly inside each other when stored and unfold onto each other to create a study series of steps for entering the boat.

Blender went through various phases tweaking the geometry in CAD and tested various prototypes to ensure the ladder would offer great functionality. Working closely with the manufacturer Blender was able to refine the design to ensure it was being manufactured efficiently and accurately so that the result was a high-quality product that Sealegs could offer to their customers.

swim ladder product design down