Military grade amphibious technology.


With a focus on visual appeal and functionality, Blender joined forces with Sealegs and ReconCraft to create the impressive Sealegs IKA11, a game-changing amphibious boat designed for challenging conditions.


  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Manufacturing Support

The IKA11 is the first boat based on the new Sealegs large format Amphibious Enablement System (AES) for boats up to 12m metres or 6500kg. Called Sealegs System 100, the new system is designed specifically for the military and professional (milpro) markets in mind, it is three times larger than the previously existing Sealegs offering. The IKA11 is an 11metre craft from US boat builder ReconCraft, a Sealegs OEM partner.

Blender was brought into the project in late 2013 when Sealegs approached us to complete some initial concept renderings and basic specification drawings.

Sealegs worked with engineering specialists, hydraulic engineers, naval architects and its own in-house team to work on the new larger amphibious system. Blender worked alongside these parties and with US-based ReconCraft boats to refine the visual and functional design from the early concept and started adding engineering details.

We were largely responsible for the overall visual impact design, as well as ergonomic and functional aspects working together with the other key collaborators.

This included the decking layout, dashboard, cockpit, cabin, seating, flooring, as well as accessories. The larger visual and functional elements included the design of the Hydraulic Folding Radar Arch which holds all the electronic communications equipment and lights, along with the Hydraulic Retractable Boarding Ladder, both of which deploy at the push of a button and add highly functional capabilities and of course substantial ‘wow’ factor. These larger items were design projects in themselves and presented various technical challenges which had to be overcome.

During the prototype construction and assembly process we were responsible for incorporating various elements of the design, as well as providing various supporting materials for manufacture and marketing purposes, including assembly drawings, brochures, flyers, 3D renders, and animations.