Our Production, Tooling and Part supply  is an optional value added service that ensures the ultimate outcome meets the full design intent and specifications.

We have long standing relationships with numerous low and high volume manufacturing solution partners both in New Zealand and Internationally.

We have carefully selected and built relationships with these solution partners who not only offer competitive pricing, but also understand the importance of delivering quality parts.

Why Blender?

By working with Blender, product owners can focus on marketing and distribution, whilst we take care of part supply and quality control.

We are in the best position to communicate the design intent as well as implementing correct quality checks during manufacturing.

Our network of solution partners, combined with our systematic approach, ensures a quick time to market to meet your window of opportunity.

Why choose Blender Production & Supply Services?

  • Effective risk management
  • Shorter time to market,  direct communication prevents costly reworks and delays
  • Cost effective solution without compromising quality.
  • Continuous quality control against original design specification.
  • Dynamic ability to update design specifications as required.
  • Access to our trusted manufacturing partners.
  • Hands on approach. Blender has offices in New Zealand and Shanghai, China.

How does it work?

Blender offers this service to all clients that have trusted us to become part of their product development team.  We thrive at ensuring that the ultimate outcome yields the results that we all envisage, when we design your product.

First hand progress reports and quality control documentation ensure a well managed process.

Our continuous expanding network facilitates access to the latest manufacturing technology backed by our trusted world class design service.

The product development process is completed once a product rolls of the production line.


Tooling (moulds & dies):
  • Soft Tooling for low volume production
  • Injection moulding tools
  • Die cast tooling
  • Metal press tools
  • Production jigs and patterns
  • Custom tooling
Low volume production & prototyping:
  • Vacuum casting (simulates injection molding)
  • Machined parts – CNC production runs
  • Rapid manufacturing (3D Printing)
  • Thermoforming and fabrication
  • Sheet metal  components
  • Trial runs
High Volume (mass production):
  • Plastic and metal part moulding
  • Plastic and metal extrusion
  • Metal casting
  • Sheet metal fabrication and stamping
  • Volume fabrication and thermoforming
  • CNC machining
OEM Component supply and integration:
  • Sourcing and supply of OEM components that form part of the designed part assemblies
  • Assembly and integration activities
  • Integrate “Free Issue” proprietary components
Finishing, Assembly and Testing:
  • Finishing and post processing
  • Hand or robotic assembly
  • Testing and full QC control
  • Testing and QC qualification and sign off
  • Batch and serial number control
  • Labeling and packing
Design Optimisation:

Blender Design can also help with developing your prduct to be Design for Manufacture ready, we’re invested in providing real value in our partnerships . 

Our services will suit you if:


  • You need product / parts supplied.
  • You have little or no experience working with manufacturers.
  • You are a manufacturer who need parts that are outside of your in-house core capabilities.