From Idea to Product

Product development is a full turn key solution to turn your idea into a finished product. We work with you to understand exactly what your customers need and where each product fits within your business model – then help you turn your idea into a reality through concepts, design, prototyping, manufacture and production support.


Good Design is Good Business

Great design is about more than looking good – it’s what makes a product more than just the parts it’s made from. It improves the function of the product and gives the product a competitive advantage over similar products. Industrial design is a vital step in ensuring that any products you produce will not only be fit for purpose, but also appeal to your customers and ensure that it stands out from the crowd.


It’s All in the Details

We have a passion for creating products that have a positive impact on the people using them. So our highly-skilled engineers look at how each product will be used and develop concepts and prototypes to ensure a high-functioning, high quality product every time. Our design-led engineering team ensures that everything works the way it needs to. We focus on quality engineering that won’t compromise on design or function!


More Than Just a Logo
A great brand plays a big role in creating a successful product. Your brand is your #1 asset. A well-built brand can outlast a product or even a customer lifecycle. Branding is about knowing your values, the messages you want to communicate, your beliefs and purpose and putting them all together cohesively to ensure product success.


Learning by Making

Prototyping is an essential part of product development. The uses of prototypes are varied and all highly advantageous. From cardboard mock ups through to fully functional prototypes; every type of prototype has a purpose.  We have a prototyping workshop and in-house 3D printing capabilities which means we have the tools to streamline your product development.



From One to Thousands

At Blender, we like working with businesses through the whole process – so we don’t just leave you after the design phase! Instead we support you right through the validation phase and manufacture – using our extensive networks to match you up with the right manufacturer for your needs. We spend heaps of time overseas building relationships and making sure manufacture of our clients’ products is going smoothly and to plan – so we know exactly what to look out for and how to avoid common production issues. Whether you’re producing one prototype or a hundred thousand reliable units, we’ll be alongside you.


 Setting You Up for Success

A rigorous process to optimize a part or product assembly so it can be produced at scale. DFM is focused on reducing per part cost and ensuring quality and consistency.  Blender takes you through a process where we can estimate the manufacturing costs for your product then move forward to reduce these costs without compromising quality. This includes reducing the cost of components, assembly and supporting production.  We do this until a proposed design becomes a great design which turns into a successful product.


Sharing the Knowledge
Blender has helped both New Zealand and international businesses for over 11 years equipping product companies with the right knowledge, education and guidance to create successful products. We provide practical, interactive, classroom-style workshops to best help you at any stage of your product development process. Our workshops can be custom and tailor fit for both your business and product.

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From concept to prototyping to manufacture, we partner with businesses to create commercially successful products and some great ongoing relationships.

From concept to prototyping to manufacture, we partner with businesses to create commercially successful products and some great ongoing relationships.

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