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This is the foundation that all future development is built on. It formulates a focused development program, that not only solves the obvious challenges, but also ensures that all development efforts are in line with brand values and corporate objectives.  This service aims to explore new opportunities for your business and mitigate unnecessary risk in your product development strategy down the line.

Commercial viability is often the benchmark for which a product’s success is measured. Whether you are looking to improve an existing product, or develop a new one – implementing proven process is key. We identify your product’s Unique Value Proposition through market intelligence and user insights, to provide all functional product requirements from the outset. Increasingly, we are seeing more and more products shift that benchmark for success to balance between the commercial and sustainble. We believe that inherently good design, is sustainable design and therefore highlight areas within your strategy and research to maximise both.

Aims to ensure we do not fall into the trap of designing a solution for a problem that is not yet fully defined.

We believe it is important to  ask the hard questions first to test the idea against the realities of your market niche, production realities, and commercial constraints.  In doing so building confidence that what you’re designing will be solving real problems your customers experience and align with your business objectives.

How does it work?

We partner with our clients and their solution partners to gather important information and compile a detailed product design specification, including both user requirements and technical specs.

Blender has developed a unique workshop which can be tailored to the needs of your company and stage of development. Previous workshops have ranged from 3 hours up to 3 days depending on the scale of the project.

It’s critical to keep learning and testing your concept when developing a new product. We can offer additional research services throughout the entire development process to help you validate concepts and prototypes with customers as you move towards your final product.

Our workshops focus on a series of interactive tools, that serve to transfer your current market knowledge and establish structure for future development. This is pivotal in:

  • Answer critical business questions
  • Define your user demographic and their needs
  • Analyse your market and competitors
  • Discovering user pain points and product opportunities
  • Rationalise product concepts

Company Vision

& Brand

  • Vision Statement
  • Brand Values
  • Company Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Company Innovation Profile



  • Market Overview
  • Competitor analysis
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Competitor Testing
  • Patent Search

Design Thinking

& Generation

  • Defining Key Stakeholders
  • Role Playing
  • Personas
  • Journey Mapping
  • Generative Idea Sessions



  • Focus groups with key stakeholders and end users
  • Ergonomic testing sessions with end stakeholders
  • User generative idea sessions

Our Design Strategy & Research service will suit you if:

  • You are a startup with a new idea and vision
  • You are an existing company looking to create your first product
  • You are an existing company looking to add competitive advantage to an existing product or range
  • You require assistance running user-centered tests and studies to validate ideas or prototypes

Projects which use this service:

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Modular high output architectural lighting

Contour Plus Shower Wall

Building upon the existing brand values

Heavy Duty Textile Clip

Holds Fast, Releases Quick

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