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In response to the pressing need for a robust and efficient solution to fasten cushions in harsh exterior environments, Blender collaborated with Fastmount to reinvent the textile clip. The outcome is a low-profile, robust clip that flawlessly meets the high standards set by the industry.


  • Design Strategy & Research
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Customer Experience and Branding

Back in 2016, Fastmount and Blender re-imagined how cushions were fastened to superyachts and architectural exteriors with the revolutionary sew-on TC-F6. Although the TC-F6 was successful for many years on the market, Fastmount identified the additional need for a heavy duty version to withstand extreme temperature variations, high wind loads and provide the option for fixing two soft cushions together.

The bar was set high as the new textile clip had to meet the premium quality standards Fastmount is known for in the industry. To meet the new product requirements, two elements needed to be achieved; increase the pull-out load of the clip, and allow a “place and lock” use case, where no compression force is required on the cushion to engage the clip.

Non-Consumer Category:

Blender worked closely with Fastmount to explore various ideas in the concept phase, the chosen direction was to use a slider mechanism to fasten to the male component. Combining this with the same sew-on framework as the existing TC-F6 it created a low profile yet strong solution which is simple to operate.

After several prototypes, tests and detailed refinements, we were ready for production. Blender provided manufacturing support to Fastmount and their key manufacturing partners to get the finished product just right. The final product, a highly refined yet simply elegant textile clip with a breakout load of 23kg!