Built tough for a smooth ride.


Through meticulous design and engineering, Joltrider has redefined marine seating with their high-performance shock mitigating seat. Delivering on exceptional comfort and safety on the water, it’s a testament to their commitment to enhancing boating experiences and setting a new standard in marine seating.


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Anyone who drives a boat will undoubtedly be subjected to repetitive impacts while sitting on a boat – rather surprisingly, this is even the number one cause of injuries for boat users! Thanks to friends in the marine industry, Blender knew that current shock mitigating systems are often prohibitively expensive, and none of them had the appeal that we thought we could achieve.

Blender felt that creating a shock mitigating bolster that boasts great performance, good looking design, and advantages in deck space-saving, but sits in the entry-level price bracket, would be welcomed with open arms by the marine industry.

Non Consumer Category:

After identifying the potential for this product with partners in the marine space, Blender launched fearlessly into development. The challenge was then creating a system that was simple yet effective.

We did a huge amount of research into similar products – their strengths and weaknesses, and how we wanted to make our product better. Creating prototypes meant we could try them out, both on land and sea, which helped us figure out what felt most comfortable and what protected people best from impact, regardless of size or height. Once we had the testing process sorted, we decided it was time to get some real boaties testing them out. We’ve created a first run of Jolt Riders and are currently getting them on various boats for further testing and refinement. Feedback from dedicated users of marine vessels has so far been extremely positive – initial customers orders have already started ramping up very quickly.

While coming in at an entry level price, Jolt Rider holds its own against the big boys with some pretty awesome key features. It offers a high-performance progressive shock mitigating damper, protecting people from the harsh marine environment. 5 inches of progressive shock mitigation matches most counterparts, without matching the high price.

Jolt Rider is all about flexibility, being adjustable at any time to suit a large range of users. This stands in stark contrast to many competitors, who sell fixed height systems and don’t allow for a change in user. Even better, this is no giant – the space saving pedestal design allows maximum movement around it in an environment where space is at a premium and allows for more seats to be fitted in the same area. Best of all, its fantastic looking design means you’ll be proud to feature it on your pride and joy. In other words, Jolt Rider is a pretty badass product, if we do say so ourselves!