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This year we are celebrating our 10th birthday. Ten years of creating successful products. In celebration, here’s a blog article full of both old and recent pictures and an explanation as to why we’re called Blender!

Did you know that Vodafone stands for voice, data & telefone? Or the reason why Apple is called Apple is because Steve Jobs was on a fruitarian diet. Omidyar, the founder of eBay, settled on the name ‘eBay’ because the name he originally wanted for his company, EchoBay, was already registered to a gold mining company.

Blender isn’t exactly an ordinary name, probably because we’re not your ordinary product design company. Unlike celebrity baby names, we actually put a lot of thought into our name 10 years ago.

So why Blender?

We’re used to confused faces and having to spell out “B-L-E-N-D-E-R” to people. This is usually followed by “Blender? Like the appliance?”. And no, we don’t make blenders. So if we don’t make blenders (or smoothies) why are we called Blender? What does Blender have anything to do with creating successful products?

Blender creating successful products ten years
Blender creating successful products ten years


When Blender was founded, each of our founders brought their own individual strengths to the table, complimenting each other. They knew that the blend of their strengths and expertise were good for creating successful products. Turns out amazing things happen when experts collaborate effectively. Fruit is just fruit by itself, although good alone it can be turned to something entirely different and more awesome when you blend it with other ingredients.

The perfect balance of ingredients

Creating successful products needs just the right mix of ingredients. This is especially true when you have a number of different and often conflicting product requirements. Things such as costs, quality, features, materials, battery life, etc must be perfectly balanced to deliver a product that meets all of the requirements. For example, there is no point in having a super high-quality product with all the latest tech features if it costs too much and no-one buys it. To create a good product it needs to be perfectly balanced to suit the market and user requirements, this is really important!

A great quality smoothie

It’s a hot Sunday morning and you’re making a smoothie. Although it seems like a simple task, there’s actually a real art to a good smoothie. We all know we can’t put too much of one thing in it or it’ll totally affect the outcome. Ever had a smoothie that was too runny? Yep. Or too sweet? Yep. Good smoothies require the right blend of ingredients and amount to get the right results. So do good products.

Blender creating successful products ten years
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Blender creating successful products ten years
Blender creating successful products ten years
Blender creating successful products ten years

We had the right ingredients (passionate experts) and we know good products require the right blend of ingredients. It’s only fitting we called ourselves Blender. We still believe in our name, and it’s meaning and stick to it to this day.

A big thank you to everyone who has played a part in our journey in the last ten years. We’re all excited to continue this awesome story and see what we can achieve in another ten years.

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