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Sometimes in our early days, we thought it was a good idea to design and develop a new human-powered transportation solution using the current technologies at the time, just for fun.

What we ended up with was the ATIB, a clever acronym for All Terrain inline board! Also known as a man-powered snowboard on wheels.


  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Fun


Navigating Hurdles in Innovation.

Creating the ATIB presented significant challenges. We had to integrate current technologies into a human-powered transportation solution, balancing usability, environmental impact, and user enjoyment. Overcoming these hurdles demanded innovative solutions, merging functionality with eco-friendliness while appealing to diverse consumer preferences. Despite the challenges, the ATIB concept stands as a testament to our perseverance in the face of complexity.

all terrain board wheel focus
all terrain board strap details


Blending Creativity and Technical Expertise.

In crafting the ATIB, our approach focused on seamless integration of current technologies. We honed in on user-friendly designs, eco-conscious features, and enjoyable riding experiences. Through iterative engineering, we optimized mechanics for a skateboard/snowboard-like ride, ensuring both efficiency and thrill. Emphasizing individuality, we injected ATIB with a distinct style, catering to action sports enthusiasts. Our approach prioritized innovative solutions, balancing functionality and creativity to redefine human-powered mobility.


Innovative Answers for Eco-Friendly Travel.

Ridden similar to a skateboard or snowboard and utilising an advanced mechanical drive system, the ATIB gives an environmentally friendly, healthy and efficient form of transportation.

The ATIB has its own unique and appealing style which resonates with the male dominated action sport market and their desire to look good and have fun. In saying that the ATIB is designed to appeal to all board sports enthusiasts and general consumers alike.

Rock on ATIB. We wish you had ended up becoming a real product, at least you made it onto the website!