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So you’ve had an idea for a product? That’s a fantastic start, but it’s just the beginning. The real game-changer is figuring out if your idea has what it takes to meet the market.

Asking the right questions is vital. These questions are pivotal in shaping your product’s strategic journey and ensuring its success. We share some of the very first questions we ask any customer keen to develop a product idea.


Have you talked to any customers?

It may seem like an obvious starting point, but it’s surprising how often this important step is overlooked. You may love the product yourself, but what do your customers think? Have you talked to them and what’s their feedback been? Don’t make assumptions on their behalf – it could cost you further down the track. 


How big is the market?

Knowing your playground is the next step. How big is the market you’re stepping into? Is there enough room for your product? This involves more than just numbers on the back of an envelope. It’s about having a solid understanding of where your product fits in the marketplace and how it can make an impact.


What price can you sell it for?

Setting the right price for your product involves careful consideration of its value, cost, and competitive positioning. Achieving the right balance here means offering real value that customers are ready to pay for. This step can be very challenging, especially for new businesses. But it’s important to get it right.


Who are you making this new product design for? Describe the user persona.

Picture the person who’s going to use your product. What’s their day like? What problems do they face? What are they trying to solve? Understanding your user persona underpins the direction for the design, functionality, and your marketing strategy of your product.


What are the needs of other stakeholders in your value chain?

The product ecosystem extends beyond the end-user. It includes suppliers, distributors, and decision-makers in the purchasing process. Understanding the needs of these stakeholders is as important as designing for the end-user.


How does your new product compare to existing solutions?

Identifying what sets your product apart is critical. It’s important that you’re offering something that’s not just ‘different’ but more valuable or that solves a problem more effectively than existing solutions. This differentiation is key to carving out your niche in the market.


What are your plans for manufacturing and go-to-market strategy?

Crafting a detailed plan for both manufacturing and market entry is crucial – and it needs to be thought through early. This plan serves as a blueprint, guiding each phase from the initial concept to the moment the product reaches the end user.


Do you have the financial resources and team for development?

Assessing your resources is a step that’s often missed. Not only do you need financial backing, but you also need a team capable of bringing your vision to life. The right combination of financial support and a skilled, dedicated team is the engine that drives your project from an idea to a successful product.


What are the technical and compliance challenges?

Navigating compliance hurdles is part of the journey. Understanding these aspects upfront can save you from headaches down the road. This includes ensuring your product meets industry standards and regulations, which can vary widely depending on your market and location. Addressing these early on prevents costly redesigns and delays.


Is there intellectual property to consider?

Protecting your idea is as important as creating it. Considering intellectual property, like patents, will safeguard your innovation. Additionally, understanding the IP landscape helps you navigate potential conflicts and ensures your product has a unique position in the market, free from legal entanglements.

From idea to reality: The Blender new product design process

Each of these questions not only forms the bedrock of our strategy but also guides the exciting journey of turning your concept into a tangible product with Blender. The good news is, you don’t have to tackle them alone. 

At Blender, our role is much more than just providing answers to these questions. We work in partnership with our clients, offering expertise and strategic insight into every aspect of your product idea. We’re there to spot potential challenges before they arise, offer creative solutions, and keep the project aligned with your vision and market needs.

This deep dive into the core of your idea sets the stage for everything that follows in the product development journey. And that’s where the real excitement begins. At Blender, we don’t just stop at strategy; our end-to-end service turns your well-laid plans into reality. From crafting your product’s design to the final thrill of market launch, our team is with you every step of the way.

Ready to take the first step?

If you’re ready to see your product idea come to life, or just want to know more about our process, reach out to us at Blender

Let’s take your concept from the drawing board to the hands of customers, transforming your vision into a product that not only meets the market but makes a lasting impact. Your journey to product success starts here.