Simplify your textile fastening solutions.


Empowered by Blender Design’s expertise in product design and development, the textile clip system emerged as a game-changer, offering installers and designers a streamlined and precise method for securing soft furnishings with utmost ease and efficiency.


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Cushions on superyachts don’t have the easiest of lifestyles. They endure constant removal and replacement and have previously been secured with archaic systems that are time-consuming. This is frustrating for crew members and not very aesthetically pleasing for superyacht owners. Through this, Fastmount realised that they are in a position in the market to venture into a new and exciting territory.

However, new territory meant that Fastmount needed the help of an expert product design company who could assist them bring their concept to life. So Blender provided fresh insight from start to finish!

The product would be used by a number of different people, so we had to meet a range of needs. The end product would meet the principle goal of creating an easy-to-use soft furnishing removal and replacement system, but would also be aesthetically pleasing to the owner and easy to manufacture, attach and install for both upholsterers and boat builders.

While it may seem like a simple product, the design had to be fairly complex in order to meet a long list of functional and aesthetic requirements. With one part stitched into the base of the cushion and the other screwed into the fiberglass, timber or metal deck moulding, the design can be retrofitted to any build and is only visible when the cushions are removed, at which time the visible part is slick and unobtrusive. Additionally, Blender worked on making the removal and replacement of the cushions as easy as possible – a simple push and click locks it into place and easy removal using either a finger or the flexible removal tool.

Gregg Kelly, Managing Director of Fastmount noted, “The key advantages we wanted were simple installation, quick removal and replacement of the cushion, and for it to be corrosion-proof.” Utilising smart design, effective prototyping, and testing, while giving consideration to all the end users meant we were able to come up with something that has revolutionised the industry on more fronts than one.