Your Adventures, Lifelike and Uninterrupted.


The inspiration for meMINI was simple – the realisation that it’s easy to miss ‘stand out’ personal moments when capturing video. Sam Lee, the founder of meMINI, dreamed of creating a product that would enable him to capture the moments he experienced without creating excesses of digital content. His idea? meMINI, the world’s first camera that records the past.


  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Kickstarter Campaign
  • Production Support
  • Packaging Design


Experience the future of wearable video capture.

We joined the meMINI team to take this idea to the next level and design a product that would be consumer-friendly. However, encasing a powerful HD video camera with revolutionary recall technology wasn’t an easy task. Inspired by Sam’s love of freestyle snow sports in Cardrona Valley, meMINI has a distinctly Kiwi feel when it comes to design. Adaptable, deceptively simple, and clever, this tiny camera packs a huge punch.

Driving Design Criteria


  • Wearability – special Magnatach technology gives wearers multiple options. Unlike other video cameras, it stays secure with the help of a magnetic backing plate, providing flexibility and security.
  • Appealing aesthetics – sleek and unobtrusive, meMINI was designed to allow people to forget it’s even there to capture real moments.
  • Ease of use – meMINI is nothing if not simple to use; capturing video happens at the touch of a button, and everything else can be controlled by the smartphone app.
  • Technical capabilities – this conveniently small package houses an HD video camera, microphone, and 3-hour battery. Add a custom wide angle lens, and you’ve got a high-quality video camera ready to become part of your everyday life.

Product attributes


  • Recall – a world first in wearable cameras, capturing looped footage; pressing the recall button preserves a moment that would otherwise be lost.
  • High definition video – moments are lifelike, for life with a 1080 HD camera, image stabilisation, 140º FOV, 30 frames per second, and a Sony 8MP image sensor.
  • Operation – one touch operation, 8GB of memory, and 3 hours of battery life on one charge.
  • Easy connection with an app – Internet connectivity, wi-fi, and Bluetooth low energy connect the camera seamlessly to the meMINI app for more options.
  • Fantastic quality sound – built in high-quality speaker and high sensitivity microphone.
  • Accessories – lanyards, magnetic backing plate, USB charging cable, and a microfiber pouch make meMINI even easier to use.