Integ has always been considered top of their field in ergonomically designed workspace tools. Countries such as India play home to an important, price-conscious middle market, with customers who don’t want to pay for the bells and whistles that come with higher priced products.

We were given the challenge of creating an easy to install, aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically friendly dual screen monitor arm that abides by Jugaad innovation principles where simplicity and zero waste are essential.

Our solution, The Array, meets the market demand for a lower cost solution, but stands out from its competitors thanks to its strong aesthetic impact and carefully considered design elements. We took advantage of clever use of materials, interesting surface textures, contrasts, and colours to help The Array stand out from the crowd.


Ar-ray Series Monitor Arms

What We Did

Concept Design, Prototyping, Engineering, DFM

Designed with the following aspects in mind


  • Bulk installation – The Array is designed to enable speed and ease of bulk installation.
  • Ergonomic principles – We designed The Array to meet Greenstar workstation health and safety guidelines
  • Sustainability – In keeping with Integ’s environmentally friendly stance, The Array has been designed to have minimal impact on the environment. All parts are easily disassembled and recyclable, with no throwaway parts. This stands in contrast to many competitors, who supply products with a variety of parts, most of which are simply discarded

Product attributes and specifications:


  • Modular and configurable to meet the user’s needs – a second arm can easily be added for dual screens or for a laptop tray
  • Simple push button mechanism and clever rachet system allows for smooth and easy incremental vertical adjustment
  • Clever design engineering means fewer components, a reduction of materials, lower manufacturing cost and less to go wrong.
  • Incorporates a quick release rotational Vesa for ease of installation, set up and service
  • Smart cable management with clip on cable covers makes it quick and easy to tidy cables after plugging them in
  • An elegant and modern look with the choice of two colour ranges – silver, and white with black accents
  • Features either a clamp mount or a through-desk grommet mount depending on the user’s needs, both of which are extremely easy to attach


From concept to prototyping to manufacture, we partner with businesses to create commercially successful products and some great ongoing relationships.

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