Redefining what a drill press is.


Teknatool International and Blender joined forces to disrupt the drill press market with the innovative DVR Drill Press. This smart workshop machine combines advanced technology, intelligent software, and a sleek design to deliver optimum functionality, safety, and user experience.


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Teknatool International has evolved from their traditional woodworking market into motor, driver and generator technologies. They saw an opportunity to expand into other tool ranges using their proprietary DVR motor technology. The next product on the cards? A drill press, found in all workshops across the world – and something ripe for disruption! So they enlisted the help of Blender to give the project fresh eyes and define what a smart drill press should look like.

The DVR Drill Press needed to combine functionality, safety, and a simple user interface to create a product that would disrupt the market. So the Blender and Teknatool teams created a whole new breed of smart, advanced and highly appealing workshop machine. A big aspect we had to consider was the user interface. For such a smart piece of equipment with everything fully programmable, the user interface needed to do a lot but still be simple and easy to use.

The DVR Drill Press combines proven drill press technology and some great new features with intelligent software that helps the user produce optimum conditions for their projects. It delivers a whole new concept of drill presses with variable speed DVR power (including all the DVR bells and whistles) but also with sensors for much-improved functionality and safety.

The direct drive nature of DVR technology means no belts or pulleys are needed. This alone has an enormous impact on the overall design of the product. In this drill press, the motor sits directly above the drill – keeping it compact and attractive and very different to existing products.