StretchSense specialise in making soft sensors that measure complex movements and have been developed as an enabling technology for wearables. Blender worked alongside them to design an attractive case for their evaluation kit that could be made in small batches.

These evaluation kits are designed to provide customers a platform to explore stretch sensing applications, predominantly in the sports training industry. As a result, the technology not only needed to be easy to use and able to be made in low volumes; it also needed to be durable to withstand high-performance coaching.

The technology behind StretchSense measures stretch and movement with high accuracy. It’s great for simulation games and getting information on sports outputs as it unobtrusively measures various strains and transmits the data via Bluetooth to a receptive technology.

What we’ve done is simply made the sensors easier to handle by creating a case that demonstrates the technology of StretchSense. It is professionally designed with functionality and attractiveness kept in mind – making smart technology good-looking too!


Stretchsense EVK case



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