Innovation in Installation.


Blender and Fastmount redefine architectural panel installations with a seamless mount system. Crafted with Blender’s design expertise, this durable solution guarantees precise alignment, effortless installation, and unmatched performance, elevating architectural projects to new heights.


  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering

International award-winning Fastmount™ sets a new world standard for mounting removable panels in the marine, architectural, aviation and recreational vehicle sectors.

Fastmount looked to Blender to collaborate on brainstorming and conceptualising a new clip system specifically designed for the architectural industry.

This would expand on Fastmount’s already award-winning range of products. Blender sat down with the Fastmount team to discuss specific details and requirements that had to be met.

After some initial brainstorming and concept sketching Blender had a range of solutions to discuss with Fastmount. Shortly following this, 3D CAD models were completed and we were soon testing prototypes and developing the clips with the Fastmount team, focusing on improving strength and performance.

The new clips allow for slight misalignment issues and very durable, offering a strong and reliable solution for retaining prefinished panels. The clips are lower profile, a breeze to install and offer all the great advantages of Fastmount’s current product range while adding key features and options specific to the architectural industry.