Smart Living for Pets.


Pet-corp approached Blender for help for a new range of pet doors that are versatile, aesthetically pleasing, easy to install and feature consistent across the family of pet doors… and the end results were outstanding!


  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Manufacturing Support

We faced the challenges of existent patents for locking mechanisms – therefore we had to think outside of the box! So we came up with our own patent!

We worked with some RFID for a creative solution and was even able to reduce costs by using clever designs to reduce a number of materials used.

petcorp exploded product design
petcorp internal CAD design

The process of the creating the Pet-corp range of doors was an incredibly collaborative experience. From the first design brief to exploring and developing different concepts, making and testing prototypes, manufacturing and also quality control. This is because we work hard on creating the best possible outcome for our clients!

Not only were we able to help Pet-corp with the design and manufacturing of the pet doors, we also created support materials such as instruction manuals, installation manuals, website and a real point of sale displays – everything to ensure Pet-corp success.

The end product created was a range of pet door to suit every pet owner. Such as doors with a slim design which doesn’t inhibit sliding doors or dual insulated flaps to so you don’t have to compromise warmth. Other exciting products include an unbreakable, yet flexible flap and upgradable pet doors which can be changed from manual magnetic to electronic – with only the change of a cartridge! A pet door for every kind of pet owner regardless of the kind of door it will be set in.

Another successful and contemporary collaboration experience which we are extremely proud of!