Crafting Robust Housing for Electrical Parts.


The Powerpax product, a solution for electrical component housing, results from a fruitful collaboration between Powerco and Blender Design. Crafted for medium and large waterproof cases, it incorporates an aluminium cage for added protection and ease of use. The synergy between the two partners contributed significantly to the successful development of this product.


  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Manufacturing Support


Tackling the Complexities of Heavy-Duty Enclosures.

Powerco were soon to place their new patented technology into the market, they needed to visualize and produce new graphics, switchboards, and housings for electrical parts to fit onto medium and large sized waterproof cases. The cases also required a heavy duty aluminium cage for protection and to use to slide across the floor on the boat as well as to be lifted. 



Innovating through Precise Prototyping.

We developed the new Powerpax range alongside Powerco, often meeting at our studio discussing the finer details and having consistent input as we made progress up until the production files had been completed. We were able to show development adjustments face to face with the client and in turn make important decisions upon agreement in front of the screen.
The close collaborative design process we had with Powerco enabled the prototyping stages to move rapidly and efficiently to end up producing an exceptional product and in a short time-frame..


The Future of Secure Electrical Housing.

Powerco and Blender Design’s collaborative approach resulted in the Powrpax product, a comprehensive solution for electrical component housing. This versatile solution effectively addresses the challenges associated with housing electrical components across various scenarios.