Ultra-lightweight, Modular Electric Vehicle.


Step into the future of rescue operations with the Skimmer Rescue Platform. This revolutionary vehicle combines lightweight construction, smart electric drive systems, and autonomous features to provide unparalleled agility and effectiveness in disaster scenarios.


  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Prototyping

The Skimmer Rescue Platform is a proprietary vehicle technology developed to provide various forms of augmented and smart assistance for rescue, disaster relief, and asset management teams. Skimmer is an ultra-lightweight, single-personnel, battery-powered smart vehicle with high power in-hub electric motors, extremely low ground-pressure and buoyant air-less tires. It also features automated drone capabilities and is a highly adaptable modular chassis platform.

Skimmer’s ultra lightweight construction and smart electric drive systems, combine unmatched terrain traversing capabilities with fast, agile mobility and minimal environmental impact. Its advanced drivetrain and drive-by-wire systems allow for maximum control and performance. Skimmer is a highly configurable personal transport vehicle, or an autonomously deployable drone platform for a range of scenarios including; rescue crew augmentation, casualty extract, re-supply, disaster-relief, recon, scout, mobile communications, and hazard identification and mitigation.

As a rapidly deployable ride-on personal vehicle, Skimmer allows rescue teams to respond to an extensive range of disasters quickly. Launched from an offshore ship or dropped from an aircraft the Skimmer can be called into action even before the exact requirements are known, it can also be unmanned and sent in remotely to operate in high-risk environments. For large scale disaster evacuations or rescues, Skimmer can provide a support platform to follow rescue teams, carrying supplies or medical equipment to aid relief. Urgent evacuations of injured people can take place autonomously while additional Skimmers are sent in to join the team. In an asset management scenario, Skimmer can provide a semi-autonomous vehicle for inspecting and identifying endangered stock or threats. Vast areas of terrain can be covered remotely with long range capability and limited risk of failure, even in dangerous weather or largely forested or damaged terrain.

Skimmer was designed to offer support in areas where heavier, noisier and less capable vehicles would hinder such efforts. It is a tough and reliable vehicle that can endure a huge array of weather and terrain types. It can traverse soft areas where existing vehicles are unable to venture. This includes marsh and mud lands composed of soft sand, weed or soil. Colder climate areas covered with snow and ice are also easily covered. The ability to ride across soft snow powder and thin ice will remove barriers or dangers and increase mobility and survivability. This reduces  response times and the ground coverage required. The ability to be completely buoyant opens up new mobilisation possibilities offering minimal physical barriers across 95% of terrain.

The Skimmer concept and prototype has been uniquely built from the ground up to provide a test platform for performance validation. Traditional lightweight vehicle construction methods were challenged to produce a cost effective, modular and adaptable system which could be assembled from prefabricated components which require minimal infrastructure or investment for low volume production. The prototype will endure various scenarios and tests to communicate its advantages over other solutions. Skimmer technology is born and heralds an all new vehicle category.